Frequently asked Questions

how does credit repair work?

A Credit Repair Specialist will a CREDIT ANALYSIS on your credit report.  We will then come up with a SPECIALIZED plan to help you reach your FINANCIAL GOALS, and start disputing for INACCURATE and or UNVERIFIABLE information. As your scores are being worked on each month, you will also receive CREDIT EDUCATION on how to MAINTAIN a good if not GREAT credit score, along with

When Can I Cancel Services?

We are NON Contract base. The services provided are on a MONTH-TO-MONTH basis and you have the right to cancel your service at ANY TIME, at LEAST 5 Days before ANY upcoming recurring payment.

For Example: If Your Payment Is Due On The 8th Of March Then You Must Cancel No Later Than The 3rd Of March To Avoid Being Charged On The 8th

can't credit repair be d.i.y?

Credit Repair Specialists Or Agencies CANNOT do ANYTHING that you couldn't do yourself! BUT you will likely make many easy AVOIDABLE mistakes, and there are some mistakes that are DIFFICULT to undo. Warriors Financial, LLC takes ALL the difficulty out of the process and leads you to a successful, less stressful outcome!

How Can I Find Out My Credit Score?

You'll need to order your credit reports from EACH of the Credit Bureaus AND REQUEST your credit score. You'll do that through Identity IQ, by signing up for a PAID subscription which renders you UNLIMITED ACCESS to your reports AND credit scores.

Frequently asked Questions

How Long Does The Process Take?

There is no estimated time for the credit repair process. Just Like DNA, no 2 credit reports are the same. You can see results in a matter of days, or it could take several months. It depends on how many items/inaccuracies that you have, and a number of other factors that are outside of your control. This is why it's so important that we work TOGETHER through the process, and keep the lines of communication open!


*The Enrollment Fee, Is A Fee Charged For Document Processing, The Credit Analysis, AND The COMPLEMENTARY Credit Analyzer. This Fee is NON REFUNDABLE*

is credit repair legal?

YES!!! Credit repair is legal. The FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT gives you the right to dispute ANY misrepresentation on your credit report.  Our credit education and document processing services Will help you keep the law on your side! Consumer Reporting Agencies are REQUIRED to CORRECT or DELETE ANY INACCURATE, INCOMPLETE, or UNVERIFIABLE INFORMATION on your report.  Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 reports have ERRORS, and because of the FCRA, MOST REPORTS IMPROVE immediately! Creditors usually have a 30 window to VERIFY disputed items that are not erroneous.  If they FAIL to do so within the allotted time, the item gets REMOVED!  We take PRIDE in our job, which is to prepare documents that CHALLENGES this for You AND gets you RESULTS!

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